“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”


The Indian economy is on a growth trajectory and the business houses have kept their recruitment teams busy. In order to get their enterprises ready for the growth challenges they are always on the lookout for the right human resources. At Career Scope, our recruitment service is working closely with the hiring teams of all our clients for finding the right profile to fill in job positions.

At Career Scope, we believe that talent needs to be merged with the right job opportunity. A talent that goes unappreciated is a talent that is wasted. As a trusted consultant we try to ensure that such misfits rarely happen. We have an updated access to a huge listing of recruiters throughout India. We also work closely with our partners so that they can access the exhaustive database of candidates and take their pick of the best. Our database consists of the strongest job candidates from all parts of the country who want to make a difference in their career.

Career Scope is a placement service based out of Kolkata but we cater to our clients beyond the boundaries of the City of Joy to other parts of the country. While there are plenty of job consultants in the city, our customer-centric approach is fast making us an agency relied upon both by the corporate world and enterprising job aspirants.

Career Scope has had a relatively short journey in this space, but we have already been recognized as one of the top recruitment consultants in Kolkata.. We aim to partner with recruiters and job seekers and offer them a platform where they can converse and match their requirements.

What makes us different?

What makes us different is our thought process. We consider ourselves to be more than just a placement consultancy.

For recruiters – For our partner recruiters, we have one of the largest candidate databases available. Whether it is bulk hiring or fresh hiring or hiring of experienced candidates, our clients can take their pick from our impressive database of candidates. We take utmost care to make the entire process of recruiting simple and manageable. Once we come to know of your requirement we search our database for the most appropriate resumes so that you can quickly locate and shortlist the best among them.

For job seekers – We partner with the largest recruiters in the country who are always looking for the right candidates. Our registered job seekers can use our technology to shortlist jobs as per their skills and further their career in their chosen discipline. As we treat each and every job seeker with equal care and attention we can quickly identify their competencies and place their resumes into the right categories for better management and visibility.

For fresh candidates – Job seekers fresh out of college are able to choose from a large list of entry level jobs. We make sure that this young and dynamic pool of talent is able to make the right choice before they venture out to create a career. Preparing a professional resume is extremely important and we design it in a way that highlights your aptitude and approach towards problem solving.

Our Team – We are immensely helped by our team of dynamic professionals. Each and every member of our team is highly passionate about their job and they fulfil all the needs of our clients with complete commitment. Each of our team members is handpicked and the “customer first” is a value that gets instilled in them from day one. We can confidently say that we offer differentiated service and assist our partners to hire right and get the right jobs.

Our commitment to our clients – For us, every client is valuable and we are prepared to go all the way to help find them find the right job solutions. We achieve this by constantly engaging with our partners and the job seekers and by offering end-to-end solutions.

Our placement services are tailor-made for both recruiters and job seekers. Contact us and you will immediately see that we are more than one of the run-of-the-mill recruitment services. Our aim is for our partners to only think of us whenever they want to recruit or find a new job.