Placement Service

Our affordable placement service is considered to be among the best in the region simply because we believe in what we do. For us at Career Scope, every job seeker is a preferred customer and we don’t rest till we find the right job for them. Apart from job search, we also offer other services that prepare our candidates to land their dream jobs.

One of the reasons we are among the most preferred placement consultants in Kolkata is because we have tie ups with the top recruiters in the country. We cater to recruiters and job seekers from all over India and have successfully completed several assignments for multiple industries.

Job search

Our portal is fully designed to offer the best job search experience for any candidate. Our clients have varied needs and we are able to match CVs as per their requirement. We treat every job seeker as equal. On one hand, we can find that perfect job for you if you are an experienced candidate and on the other hand, we can find that perfect job for you if you are planning to work for the first time. Our portal allows you to find all the open jobs that meet your profile and from then on, we work with you till you are placed.

Other services

We offer you a host of other services that include counselling and resume development. If you are not sure about the kind of job that will help you create your career, please feel free to speak with one of our experts. We also help you create a professional resume, one that will attract the attention of your potential employer.

Our placement solution is tailor-made for you. If you want a placement service that cares for your career, then Career Scope is what you need to look at.

Placement Process

Our placement process is state-of-the-art and with our experienced team members, we are able to cover all bases. You only need to register with our portal. From then on, we will take over and not stop till we find the right job for you.

  1. When you register with us, we help you create a terrific profile. You simply need to follow our tips while registering and you will have a job-ready profile created. We can also help you with creating your resume to give it a professional touch.
  2. When there is a suitable job opening, we will get in touch with you to find out about your interest in it.
  3. If you are ready to go ahead, we will have an initial discussion with you to ensure that your profile matches with the job description of the recruiter.
  4. After short-listing your profile, we will forward it to the recruiter and work closely with them to arrange for an interview with you. We will also assist you with the interview scheduling.
  5. When you are selected, we will ensure your offer letter is dispatched to you and you know when to join.

Not every placement service can offer the kind of service we offer. As a job seeker, your best chances lie with us.