For Job Seekers

Every job seeker has that dream job in mind and thanks to the internet, finding a coveted job has become much easier. At Career Scope, we are confident about finding you a job that fits you well as we work hand in hand with you. Among all the placement consultants in Kolkata we are relatively new, but we offer you that differentiated approach that you would love to experience as a job seeker.

There is no shortage of placement agencies in Kolkata, but Career Scope has a vision that stretches beyond the limits of the usual role such an agency plays. Our job is not to push only our preferred jobs to you, but match your profile with the right job so that you can create a great career for yourself.

There are few factors that make us unique in terms of the services we provide:

Our client base

Any placement consultant can only be successful when it has a large client base. Our business development team works tirelessly to ensure that we are the preferred partners in your quest to choose the right career. It doesn’t matter what your job profile is because you still find an attractive listing of jobs to look at. We are extremely transparent about showcasing the available jobs and we make sure that you find only those job openings that matter to you.

We cater to all job profiles

On one hand we help our clients hire graduates from the IITs and the IIMs and on the other hand, we also help them hire graduates from other institutions when the specific job demands such candidates. We have a large listing of jobs for fresh candidates that you will find especially helpful if you have ventured into the job market for the first time. We know what jobs you desire and what jobs you deserve and we make sure we are able to offer you a perfect match.

Our services

We not only help you make the most of the available job opportunities, but also help you with some of the other aspects of finding your dream job. Our resume development service is a preferred service and we write hundreds of resumes every month. We know that not every job seeker can create a resume that will get shortlisted and here is where we assist you with our expertise. We can create an attention grabbing resume perfectly highlighting your core strength and expertise.

Our team

There are times when you need someone to talk to regarding your job requirement and any job opening that you see on our portal. We have a dedicated team just for this purpose. You simply need to connect with the team and have all your queries answered. The team is extremely knowledgeable and patient and they will help you find the right job as well as counsel you on the available jobs in the market.

If you are looking for one of those placement consultants that are quick, empathetic and result oriented, then you don’t need to think beyond us. We can assure you that we offer you the platform to showcase your talent and land your dream job.