Privacy Policy

Sharing information, placing queries, searching for suitable candidates or availing of our value added services – you can use the services provided at our website in several ways, and to help us serve you better it is necessary that you open an account with us. In this manner, you will be at a position to have complete access to our information and full use of our services. Creating an account will also ensure relevant search results as we will use the information provided by you during the process of account creation to filter our search. Before proceeding further, you need to be aware of how we are using the information provided by you and the ways in which you can protect your privacy.

To avoid misuse of services we have a verification procedure for every organization registering with us whereby they need to provide information such as company name, contact details, website, size of the company, number of employees to be hired and compensation to be provided. With this information filled in, a company completes the verification of their availability and existence. They may even provide their company logo if they want to take advantage of branding their organization.

Accessing Personal Information:

When you visit our website and log in to your account, we give you access to your personal information. You may want to modify or delete the information if you feel that the information is wrong or needs to be edited. We may also decide to store the information in case we feel like we may need it for business or legal purposes. Before accepting any changes or deletion request, your identity will be required to be verified. Verification of user’s identity is a compulsory step in order to complete the process of modification of information in any manner. This is to prevent any accidental or malicious destruction of information. To protect information we do not delete it immediately from our system after you have deleted it or edited it. Copies of the information deleted by you may not be removed from our active servers or backup systems because of this reason. Protection of information is of primary importance to us and we have taken all necessary measures to ensure that personal or official information shared by you or your organization remains protected in all possible ways.

Nature and conditions of information sharing by us

All personal information provided by you is shared only with individuals in the Core Team. We do not share this information with anybody outside the members of the Core Team who include the domain administrators. Information shared with our administrative consultants is for the purpose of serving you better so that your requirements are met. This information is not passed on to anybody outside. It is solely a matter of in-house functionality. Anybody who is not a part of the Core Team will not have access to your personal information without your consent. We will only share your personal information with companies, individuals and organizations with your consent.

Modifications to Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is subject to modifications/editions from time to time. If any such changes in the policy imply reducing or affecting your rights as a user of the services provided by us, then we will not go ahead with such a change without an explicit consent from you.